Escape the City | Hunt DC 2017
The official DC Scavenger Hunt! A full day of fun, games, riddles, costume contests, food, & live music! This great outdoor event is the perfect team-building activity for corporate groups, and the crew!
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Hunt DC_Prices_Prize

What is Hunt DC?

 7 years running, Hunt DC is part Amazing Race, part Scavenger Hunt and part Bar Crawl! Dash across the district to our favorite bars and outdoor locations as you race against the clock to solve clues, complete challenges and locate hidden treasures. Plot game-winning strategies as you go head to head against hundreds of other DC Hunters. 

This year we’re turning it up a notch by hunting the city at night! Join us for an epic, city-wide adventure as we take The District by Dusk. 

Once the Hunt ends, we’ll just be getting started. Join us for an after party with games, flip-cup tournaments, prizes, raffles, food, drinks and live music!


Explore the District

Hit the streets with your team and track down clues all over Downtown DC.

Grab Snapshots & Earn Points

Don’t forget to say cheese as you & your team pose!

Locate Hidden Treasures

Whip out that smartphone & get your bearings, you're going on an adventure!

Complete Exciting Challenges

Race to finish puzzles, relays, & unique team quests.

Show Your Team Spirit

Got a team theme in mind? Grab your favorite costumes and compete for our Spirit Award!

Rack Up the Points!

Use your handy dandy score sheet to keep track of your points.


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